Dementia makes holidays really weird.

This year Thanksgiving really snuck up on me. We didn’t have plans anyway, but for some reason, I thought it was next week and not this week. Now that it’s almost here, I’m not even sure that I want to make an effort. Turkey for two is kind of sad. And ever since I accidentally poisoned myself with bad broth used to moisten the out of the bird stuffing we had one day last winter when I was jonesing for stuffing, I’m not sure that it is still my favorite turkey day side. We had a good run, stuffing, but it’s time to move on.

But back to holidays. Honestly, they’re staring to become a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand, it’s nice to do something, so there are some special days. On the other hand, reality is that my mom won’t remember it the next day or even last that evening and that doesn’t do much for the part of me that is just tired (and maybe a little lazy). So, unless something miraculously changes in the next few days, I think we are going to treat Thanksgiving like any other Thursday and maybe just have one of our favorite German dinners (chicken with potatoes, gravy, and red cabbage) and maybe some pie for dessert or maybe we’ll just take off and go for a drive somewhere pretty.

Right now my priorities are more heavily weighted on packing things up and cleaning the floors — and ongoing task between my mom and the dogs. None of them have huge respect for “I just cleaned that, could we even just pretend to try not to track mud/pee/dump what we’re eating or drinking all over the floor?” It’s funny. In my family growing up, I was definitely the messy one. Now I’m the one who is complaining about people leaving their crap wherever they stand instead of putting it away. And honestly, the last thing I feel like doing at this point in my life is dirtying a ton of pots and pans cooking a big dinner for two people, especially when I know my mom will get just as much enjoyment out of going for a ride or even just out for dinner, because we can be thankful and have fun anywhere. Also, holidays with dementia are weird.


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