Song of the Blackbird

Druid Dhubh (black druid) is one of the names given in Gaelic to the blackbird. He sings to us in the liminal hour at twilight, his song guiding us to the gate between this world and the Otherworld. According to Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm’s beautifully illustrated Druid Animal Oracle, “Druid Dhubh calls to us from the gateway between two worlds, urging us to follow a spiritual path or to become more self-aware. He calls to us in the twilight, showing us the path to Otherworldly secrets, pointing out the ways in which we can discover more about our hidden motivations and potential…In heeding Druid Dhubh’s song, you will discover healing and new depths in your soul.”

For the past several years, while I have heard his call, his song has grown louder in recent months. Personal catastrophes, injuries, all sorts of towers falling down have led me to a moments of deep self-reflection and feeling like they are not just random misfortunes, but a call from spirit to get more serious about my path and finding a way to reflect it in my work. A healer I recently worked with told me, “Sometimes it is only by demolishing the buildings of the past that we can begin building the cathedrals of our dreams.” There are no accidents. A spiritual journey is also a healing one.

At the same time as the blackbird calls to me, another of his dark cousins, Crow also accompanies me on my journey. I’ve always had an affinity for corvids, but Crow recently appeared during my first ever Shamanic healing session. Crow’s inky dark feather came to me as we were working on blockages in my throat chakra (blogging has always been for me an exercise in healing it, even when I didn’t know to couch it in terms of chakras). I saw him and suddenly I was flying, soaring in the clouds, seeing the world from his view and it was magical. Even more beautifully, when comparing notes after the session, the Shaman told me that the medicine he had brought back from the Underworld for me while in his own meditation was crow/raven medicine. That experience of having my own intuition affirmed was a lovely one. It felt like an affirmation from the universe of why I am feeling so called to this work. And in this moment in this place, I want to share the excitement I feel about it.

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