Beware the Eyes of March!

DSC_0230When I was a kid, I remember thinking the ides of March was the eyes of March. I must of heard the phrase in a movie or on t.v. I had no idea it referred to March 15. I just figured the soothsayer was telling Caesar to look out for all the people (people with eyes!) who were conspiring to assassinate him. While I have eyes, I have no plans to assassinate anyone on March 15 or any other day. What I did use my eyes for yesterday was to celebrate March first by exploring the beautiful Oregon coastline. It really is one of my favorite places and the perfect way to kick off birthday month.

You’d think as long as I’ve lived here that I would have explored every nook and cranny by now, but there are so many beautiful places in this state you can literally spend a lifetime exploring and still find new things. We had lunch at the Dory Cove, which doesn’t offer much in the way of ambience, but serves some really delicious clam chowder, then headed to Agate Beach to feed the seagulls and go for a walk. As many times as I’ve driven past it, I’d never actually gotten out of the car at that spot.

As it turns out, it’s a nice, wide stretch of coast with a pretty view of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in the distance. It looks like the sort of spot where it would be nice to park in the sand with a lawn chair, a picnic lunch and a book on a summer day. Even though it was gorgeous out, it was still a little cool to just sit on the beach. It’s a nice thought to keep in mind for summer, though.

One of my vows for the summer is that I will make it a point to get out and enjoy the weather and my surroundings. If there’s one positive side to losing my job, it’s that it made me realize how much of the past 14 years I wasted stressing over things that added no quality to my life beyond a pay check. It makes me sad to think of all the vacations I didn’t get to enjoy, because I wasted time working when I should have been relaxing.

It’s been a good reality check for me and reminder that me and my happiness come first. It’s not like anyone said “Oh, no, she has been here 14 years and does a ton extra, we can’t lay her off with an email like all the others!” Work is work and it’s important. I don’t want my name on any work that is substandard. I want it associated with excellence. Because of that, I know I will always look out for that part of my life, but it’s also important to look out for myself. And if there’s one place I like to look out for myself, it’s at the beach!

So here is to a spring and summer filled with balance and many trips to the beach and beyond!

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