How will I spend my vast fortune?

How crazy is it that Powerball was something like 360 million last week? I don’t even know if anyone won it yet, but, seriously, who needs that much money? It’s kind of obscene. I would enjoy having a big pot of cash as much as the next guy, but at some point, when you think of all the people who have nothing, it’s too much. I’d totally share if I won.

Still, it’s fun to think about how I’d use the money, if I had it. Here’s my list:

1.Pay off all my bills, my mom’s bills, my friends’ bills

2. New cars for everyone!

3. I’d buy a big piece of property, build a compound and take in and spoil every stray dog I could find.

4. House overlooking the ocean and maybe a house in the mountains and an apartment in the middle of a big city

5. Travel!

6. Never work a real job again (but I’d find plenty of things to do to keep me busy!)

7. All the Yogurette I can eat

8. I’d take all the classes I wanted (and probably endow some scholarships and get a Phd)

9. Donate to worthy causes/people (I seriously think the ability to help people would be the most fun!)

10. Hire a cook/nutritionist/personal trainer

11. Books, books and more books!

12. And, of course, The Martina Anastasia Beaverhausen Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good

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