New Moon on Sunday: The Happy New Year Edition

Did you know that while not a New Moon on Monday, tonight’s New Moon in Aries is not only the second new moon we’ve had in March, but also marks the beginning of the astrological new year? Well, it DOES! They say the new moon is the time for new beginnings a powerful time for setting intentions. I’ve been thinking about mine. There is power in the act of consciously defining and setting goals, so it’s a good practice to start. The moon cycle is a great map to follow in setting them, because the regular reappearance of the new moon is a great reminder to stop ad take stock. And, I don’t know about you, but I can use all the good mojo I can get, so I am happy to set mine at a time purportedly favorable for beginning new things. In fact, I have made it somewhat of a tradition over the past few months.

Some of my intentions for the next few weeks are private, so I won’t share them here, but here is most of my list:

  • I treat my body well by moving it and making healthy choices about what I put into it
  • I am kind, patient and compassionate to myself and others, especially my mom whom I love with all my heart, but who still sometimes drives me nuts (God love her!)
  • I make time to express myself creatively
  • I will have a new bed to put in my newly purpled bedroom by the next new moon
  • I will be 10 lbs lighter by the next new moon

What about you? Do you have any intentions?

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