Makeover (now with frogs!)


Spring is one of those times of year that feels bright, full of potential. It is the new moon of seasons and always feels to me like a good time to start new projects. Having been an equinox baby, it is my personal new year, so I always fine myself cleaning and planning and reflecting on what I could do better in my life. There is so much stuff I want to do (take more pictures, write more, read more, walk more, play more music, make more time for friends, make more time for ME!).

Today, I did a lot of those things. I went on a lovely visit to the Oregon Garden, where I had a lovely lunch with friends before wandering around grounds filled with daffodils, spring blossoms, bumble bees, ancient oaks and frogs. The picture above makes me particularly happy, because I thought I was just taking a picture of a frog on a lily pad, then got home and realized that there was a BONUS frog in the picture. And that’s just how things have been going lately. I find myself waking up from the haze of the past months and noticing the bonus frogs.

2013-2014 was not the best year. I felt myself feeling depressed, hermity and not really caring too much about being healthy or very social. I have much higher hopes for 2014-2015. Since around Christmas, I’ve been heaving this sigh of relief as the old year passed and I prepared to move into a newer, better phase. Bit by bit, it feels like the stars have started to align. I’ve been writing more, I feel more connected to both the world around and within me. It’s funny how sometimes one seemingly insignificant choice can set off a domino effect and suddenly you feel the magic in the air.

Now that I am feeling happier (maybe even froggier!), I also feel better about posting and sharing more again. So, in celebration of the new year, I thought a little blog makeover would inspire me to visit here and write a little more often.

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