To couch or not to couch

Having a space that feels comfortable to be in can do great things for a person’s mood. I remember how much I loved just spending time at home in our living room when we first redid it about eight years ago. It has been the same color for so long now and I’m pretty sick of it. More than that, I am not certain how many days the sofa will last before it caves in like its brother loveseat did a couple years ago.

After some consulting last night, we decided that we may want to get a new couch for Christmas. Most years we don’t even exchange gifts anymore, but it’s not uncommon for us to instead pool our money and to buy something for the house. In that spirit, we spent this afternoon wandering around furniture stores. 

As it turns out, a lot of them are having Veteran’s Day sales. And what better way to honor our veterans, who were apparently not defending our nation’s soil or fighting for liberty at all, but so Superduper Home Furnishings could sell me a living room set at a steal of a price. In case you were wondering, the pilgrims also landed at Plymouth Rock and Jesus was born so we could buy cheap stuff. If there’s one thing baby Jesus wants, it is for you to have a new sofa and maybe some new electronics. And who am I to argue with baby Jesus?

Looking around has convinced me that new furniture is a good idea. I had forgotten how much I love looking at fabric swatches and paint chips.  I’m just not sure if I want to buy it now or maybe wait until a little closer to Christmas (or even a little after). Either way, it’s fun to unleash my inner interior designer.

Typically once I make up my mind that I’m ready, I don’t like waiting. The plus about buying it now is that if I can have the furniture delivered at the beginning of December, I can paint over my Thanksgiving vacation and we will be all set to enjoy the holidays without any distractions. That seems like a good plan. I bet both the pilgrims AND the baby Jesus would approve.

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