Anxiety Girl

Today someone sent me a cartoon that said “Anxiety girl: Able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound!” and I thought “WOW! Is that ever me!” I should clarify that I am not negative in the sense that I think everything is gloom and doom. I have basic faith in the goodness of the universe and that things will be okay, but I do tend to worry a lot about things when I’m responsible for creating the goodness.

Take for example, today. I have spent the past couple days working on a presentation for our sales force at work. I could seriously talk about the material in my sleep. I know it forwards and backwards. Did that stop me from being horribly nervous? Not no, but hell no! I worked late (practicing it), then couldn’t sleep, because I was anxious, then woke up at 6 am. All that angst for a 30 minute presentation that flew by like crazy and went almost perfectly. They almost always do, but that still doesn’t stop me from freaking out the night before.

Perhaps instead of being Anxiety Girl, I will channel all my energy into being Zen Girl.

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