Really late spring cleaning

Last night after work I began going through the cupboards in my pathetically small kitchen to purge them of MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup and anything that was just generally old and needed to go. Much to my delight, I did not find as much “bad” stuff as I had expected. There were a few soups and couple boxed items, but the end result wasn’t the dramatic pile of excommunicated groceries I’d envisioned. Perhaps there’ll be more when I do part two (the freezer and little stash of canned goods out in the garage).

The truth is that we don’t exactly keep a ton of processed food in my house. Over the past few months, I think that has lessened even more. The biggest offenders I found in my cupboards were soy sauce (just how many bottles does one need?) and too much pasta and white rice. I don’t know why I had so much of it (seriously, THREE boxes of lasagna noodles? wth?), because it’s not something I even make that often. If anything, I probably encounter more bad stuff out in restaurants than I do at home. One of my struggles is that I’m sometimes really lazy about cooking.

It’s stupid. Under the right circumstances (especially for guests!), I like to cook and even do it well. If I don’t plan ahead, however, you can’t trust me one bit. Sure, I may solemnly agree about the superiority of making your own food, so you know what is going into your body, but the minute you turn your back, I’ll be hanging out at Than Thao, waiting for my eggplant in garlic sauce  to arrive. And that’s only if I’m having a good day. If it’s a bad one, it would be more like Red Robin and a Banzai Burger. This is also why I do SO much better on any diet when I plan my menus in advance. The more time I have to think or buy into the idea that I’m “too tired” or that it’s “too late to start cooking now”, the more chance I’ll get myself into trouble.

Finding I was already on a better path than a realized was a really nice feeling. I’ve even been doing better about cooking at home this week. Today, I started the day with a lovely omelette with fresh picked tomatoes from the garden and a bit of feta with some hibiscus flower tea for breakfast. I even did a little more yoga and managed to eat quite a bit of fruit throughout the day.

By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty good about myself and my progress. I wish I were feeling as well physically. Around 4 pm, I started feeling really googly (look it up, it’s a medical term!) in my stomach and ended up taking a nap, which never happens unless I’m sick or getting sick. I feel a bit like I’m coming down with something, but hopefully it’s all better after a good night’s sleep.

And, on that note, I’m going to bed, so sweet dreams and happy Friday, Internet!

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