Let’s talk about goals

Tomorrow is my next weigh in day. I already cheated and weighed in today, despite my promises to myself to only do so once a week. So, I already know I lost more weight (yahoo!), but I’ll wait for tomorrow to share how much. After all, who knows what kind of chaos could ensue if I post my progress to my first weight goal on Thursday instead of Friday? I don’t want to be responsible for launching a zombie apocalypse, so I will be safe and wait until morning.

You’re welcome!

So, anyway…

A few days ago, I shared a few goals for the week. As goals go, they were kind of lame, because they were not particularly specific or quantifiable. Maybe next week my goal should be to set SMART goals, but this week vague is how I roll, so deal with it!

Here is how I did:

Goal 1: More real food (organic when possible). Cook more, open fewer packages. I’ve been thinking about this and have realized that my issue isn’t really that I eat a ton of pre-packaged stuff. I eat the odd frozen dinner here and there, but my issue is more that that, even though I really DO like to cook, I also like to eat out. Eating out is not just about the food, but about the experience.

While I did cook a lot more than usual, I won’t lie and say I didn’t eat out this week. I did, however the cool thing about Weight Watchers is that I’m finding I can dine out in moderation without getting off track as long as I plan ahead. Now, when someone invites me to dinner, I make them go to Mongolian Grill type places, where I can control over what I eat. I find it to be a good compromise. I get the experience of eating out, while still being able to fill my plate with lots of 0 point veggies. And, if they’re really not into Mongolian Grill, I have my Points Plus restaurant app (love!) and can almost always find some manner of grilled chicken or fish that will fit into my plan.

The one thing I did learn is that no matter how motivated I am or how good I think I will be, I am banned from buffets. We ate at an Indian one tonight, and while I did stick with mostly vegetarian fare, I also ate way more than I should have. Luckily, I had a ton of “plus” points left over, so beyond being annoyed with myself for losing control, it won’t make a difference as far as staying within points goes. So, I am choosing to look at it as a lesson.

Goal 2: Make better food choices (just because it’s within my points does not make it healthy) by eating fruits and vegetables with every meal and being more mindful to how food is prepared. I have a bit to go with this one, but over all am pretty happy with my progress. I stayed within my points, I ate a fruits and vegetables as snacks, as sides to just about every meal and made a lot of really great salads (modified versions of black bean, corn and mango salad and couscous with squash, pistachios and sultanas to cut out some of the fat) and even managed to enjoy myself at two potlucks without going over my points for the week.

Goal Three: More water, less diet coke. I know it is SO bad for me, yet I persist in drinking it. I am going to wean myself from it or my name isn’t Sophronia Dalrymple! I have my case of Gerolsteiner and am ready to go. Starting now, it’s all about 64 oz. of water a day. This is by far the toughest for me. As bad as I know it is for me, Diet Coke has become like the elixir of life in my world. I crave it like a junkie (which makes total sense, considering how addictive that toxic brown liquid is). The good thing is that I managed to drink a bottle of two of Gerolsteiner a day and did a lot of filling in with jamaica (hibiscus flower tea). The great thing about jamaica is that it has a wonderful side effect of being good for high blood pressure at the same time as it is deliciously red and refreshing. So, while I have a bit to go before I am off the diet coke train completely, I have cut my consumption considerably.

So, I will end for tonight with the reminder to myself that perfection is not the goal, it’s lasting lifestyle change. There are bound to be a few hiccups along the way, but I have made leaps over the past couple weeks and think I’m doing pretty well so far. How is your week going?

More tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about goals

    1. It’s so hard, isn’t it? I’ve gotten down to where I stopped having them in the house and was only allowed the odd one as a treat when eating out, but somehow they always creep back in. It drives me nuts with myself that I am fully aware of how toxic and unhealthy it is, but still can’t seem to shake the habit!

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