The Big Weigh-In

Yesterday was my first weigh-in since I started Weight Watchers’ 360 program. I have at some point in my life tried (and given up on or just plain failed) at almost every diet out there. I’ve counted calories, counted fats, cut out carbs, cut out meat, combined foods, excluded foods, drank shakes, juiced, eaten meals from little packets, done everything but rub two chicken bones together while dancing naked in the moonlight. Maybe I should try that!

Oddly enough, the one thing I had never tried was Weight Watchers. I’m not sure how I missed such an old standard – maybe the weird drive I sometimes have to not do things that everyone else is doing. After a week on the program, I can say that it has been amazingly easy to follow. I lost 3.6 pounds in my first week. I know that I can’t expect this every week, but what an encouraging way to start off.

I can honestly say that I never felt deprived or like I was missing out. I love the flexibility of the program and that is is designed for living in the real world. You get daily points and an extra weekly points budget for special occasions, meals out, whatever you want to use it for. Since I had only used 4 of my 49 extra points earlier in the week, I was able to go to a Beltane ritual and feast last night and still enjoy eating a nice dinner with my friends without having it consist of dry celery and a carrot stick. It is amazing what a difference it makes to be in a mindset of “if I don’t eat this now, I can have a little treat on Friday” as opposed to ” I can never ever ever ever ever eat another bite of Toberlone again”. In the second scenario you already start out doomed to failrue.

This, on the other hand, has been so easy that I almost don’t trust it! I keep thinking things like: “Maybe there’s something wrong with my scale” and “I bet it’s just water weight!” As the girl who is great to have around at the start of a project, I also struggle with waiting for that moment when my enthusiasm will waiver and I will lose my motivation. So far, however, my commitment has remained steadfast, but I am pretty afraid of where I will be a month from now.

That said, at a time when I was having a really hard time following a stricter plan and feeling down about myself about it, taking the leap to do this has been a godsend. So far, I have only ventured to the online program, but I did force my hermity self to participate in a group or two. I may even eventually attend some meetings. My goal (for now) is to lose 16 pounds, hopefully by the summer solstice. Since I began this program around Beltane, it seems like a natural marker.

My goal for this week was simply to learn the plan and familiarize myself with its tools. Among them are a great android app and scanner that allows you to determine the points of various foods in the store before ever buying them. I’m just enough of a geek that I find the scanner in particular infinitely entertaining.

I’ll check in again next week, but for now my goals for the coming week are:

  • More real food (organic when possible). Cook more, open fewer packages.
  • Make better food choices (just because it’s within my points does not make it healthy) by eating fruits and vegetables with every meal and being more mindful to how food is prepared
  • More water, less diet coke. I know it is SO bad for me, yet I persist in drinking it. I am going to wean myself from it or my name isn’t Sophronia Dalrymple! I have my case of Gerolsteiner and am ready to go. Starting now, it’s all about 64 oz. of water a day

I hope this weekend is and sunny and hopeful where you are as it is here!

New Goal: 16 lbs by June 21st

Progress: 3.6 lbs

Remaining: 12.4 lbs

Reward: TBD

4 thoughts on “The Big Weigh-In

  1. Can I offer you a suggestion as someone who lost a lot of weight very quickly? I didn’t diet at all. I just made myself get more active, and I ate whatever I wanted because instead of having a portion, I’d have a few bites and call it good. Not only that, I began to graze all day instead of eating meals, which is ok for me because Dana is hardly ever home at mealtime. I ate grapes like they were going out of style because I missed sugar at first. After a while, my stomach shrank and I began to feel full on much less. I will leave you with wise words from Michael Pollan: “Eat food. Not a lot. Mostly plants.”

    p.s. I have also used Chromium Picolinate to curb sugar cravings.

  2. Great post. I felt the same way when I started WW: It seemed too good to be true. I completely agree that you don’t feel deprived, etc. Good luck with your weight loss goal!

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