January 2.0

Happy Imbolc, St. Brigid’s Day and New Year and welcome January 2.0 (known in some circles as February). January 1.0 sucked like an industrial grade hoover, so I have decided to start 2012 over again. TODAY is the first day of the rest of my life (possibly yours too). Here are my reasons why this seems like a good idea:

FACT: My post-a-day for a month project failed miserably after day two. My friend Jen’s was a shimmering success. This has done nothing to help me cultivate a feeling of superiority.

FACT: The second week of January, they laid off 100 people at work, including my favorite co-worker/primary helper.

FACT: On January 15th, I took the day off because I was catching a cold. Three weeks later, I am STILL coughing.

FACT: The diet I started at the end of January was derailed after a couple of days. February feels much better for salads and pre-packaged meals.

FACT: I barely read, wrote or made a thing all month.

FACT: Like Angel, who was doomed on Buffy never to find true happiness, January was probably cursed by a gypsy. I bet it was a Prometheus Unbound loving on who begins all of her curses with “I curse thee! Let a sufferer’s curse calasp thee, her torturer, like remove; Till thine Infinity shall be a robe of envenomed agony.” (TM Percy Bysshe Shelley, fine lyric poet/curser)

All of these signs point to February 1st being a great day to start over. It is Brigid’s day. Brigid! My favorite goddess and patron of healing, poetry and smithcraft. I have no beef with smithcraft and I KNOW I could use more healing and poetry in my life. So, Happy New Year! Here’s to new beginnings!

2 thoughts on “January 2.0

  1. I’m sorry your January was so wretched, but I love the idea of January 2.0! Why not reorder the calendar when you need to do it?! I think it’s very proactive.

    Hey, you were telling me a little bit about Smash Books – I would like to hear more about them. (not that you have to take requests from your comment section, but still. Tell me more!)

    1. Oh, but I DO take requests! I WILL tell you more (and post my work in it so far to our G+ group)! I am actually kinda loving it. It is a small enough format that it’s highly doable on a daily basis!.

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