Bringing happy back

It is almost Friday and I have decided that what my home office needs is a disco file cabinet, so I purchased the most awesome can of sparkly spray paint I could find, which turn turned out to be a shade called Twilight Sky. In Oregon, you can’t buy spray paint without providing your i.d. and signature, so I amused myself by explaining to the clerk that I was not buying tagging supplies, but implementing my master plan of being the first compensation administrator in my company’s history to operate her business out of  a sparkly file cabinet. I think he probably would have thought me less insane if I’d just claimed it was for graffiti. Some people have no vision!

I figure if I have to have work files in my house, they’d might as well be in a fun container. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I will have a disco file cabinet or no file cabinet at all! It will be almost as good as having a disco ball. I have to think that will help with properly celebrating Disco Tuesdays (not to be confused with Formal Fridays, which have yet to be implemented, due to lack of a suitable work tiara…thankfully, I already have a feather boa).

As I am settling into my new home office I am finding that listening to music while I work (at least during times when I’m not on a call or doing something that doesn’t require serious concentration) has really been aiding in my daily level of happiness. Taking writing and a wii “Just Dance” breaks at lunch has helped too. These are small steps, but they are slowly bringing the happy back.

Speaking of small steps, here is a nice little article about easy ways to burn 100 calories:

8 Gym-Free Ways to Burn 100 Calories.

Hope you’re having a good week!

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