Sunny Saturday

What a GORGEOUS day we are having here today in Portland today! It is the kind of day that inspires walks and photo jaunts. The photo above was taken on the Mystery Road Trip my friends Jen and Bec took me on me on for my birthday in March. Today would be a perfect day for visiting there again, if I weren’t already planning to go to the East Portland Expo with my godson and other friend Jenny (commonly referred to as “Mexican Jenny” to avoid jenfusion…I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had with my mom in particular, who spends half the time thinking I’m talking about the one Jen-friend when I really mean the other).

Anyway, I am really looking forward to getting out and enjoying the sun today. The past couple of weeks I’ve felt a real shift into a more happy and productive mode. My home officing is looking much better logistically speaking (phone line is installed, I feel a permanent desk arrangement coming on this weekend and I’m getting into the groove with a real work routine during business hours). I’ve done more creative stuff – an awesomely amusing glitter portrait of my friend Jen and I for her birthday, some sketching (I know – ME drawing???) last night, and a lot more daily writing and reading than I’d been doing. I feel like the working at home is really helping, because I’m starting to integrate the creative stuff in as part of my schedule and have a “room of my own” of sorts to do it in. I’ve also been wasting a LOT less time on the internet, which is good, because it was getting a little out of control.

Even my diet changes seems to be back on track (fingers crossed). I’ve been following my new plan for almost a week now and am starting to see results. I really loved the program I was doing earlier this year, but the distance for the appointments has become unmanagable now that I no longer work 35 miles from home, so I am really excited to have found something with a similar philosophy that has an equally awesome support system in place.

Anyway, if you’re reading (and even if you’re not), I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday (because that’s just how I am).

3 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  1. Ha! I didn’t realize how giant that picture is. Scrolling down is like watching waterfall porn. I was going to resize, but I think I will leave it!

  2. I love the waterfall porn! I also love your new header design. Very pretty!

    Today is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. Have fun at the expo! So cool that it’s so close to your house – you can go home to pee if you have too!

  3. Hey man – It has been FUN! We were there for 3 hours watching the dancers. It is still a smallish event, but it’s a lot more focused on multi-culturalism, which I think is really cool. We watched Aztec, Chinese, Indian, Irish step and Tibetan dances during the time we were there. Later tonight, they’re having an Iraqi band and a DJ with Bollywood dance lessons and showing a movie. And there’s more stuff tomorrow. I even found something I could eat there at a Cambodian food booth. I love that it’s an annual event in my neighborhood! The weather could not be more perfect for it either.

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