Miss Congeniality

Day one of my diet and I am short tempered and hungry. I don’t think the two are actually related. The first is thanks to my friends at Qwest any who told me they’d be here between 7:30 a.m. and 11 a.m, but then lost my service order. They also somehow managed to forget that it would help to have a phone jack installed if I wanted to do any calling. I understand the confusion considering how many people are opting for a string and tin can these days.

No, wait. I DON’T. What kind of nimrod leaves a converstion that goes “Hi, I need a second line installed for a home office. There is a jack in the room, but it will need to be rewired with the new number” thinking that there’s no need for any wiring? And, if not, what was the service guy going to do when he got here? Stand on the lawn and pick his butt? Sorry, Qwest, but I already have a neighbor who will do that for free.

Now thanks to 45 minutes on the phone with customer service, they now will be here until noon and 5 p.m. It’s not like I could possibly have anything else on my agenda today beyond waiting for a phone guy who may or may not show up. I also have a work deadline that is minorly stressing me out, but I am NOT going to let any of this ruin my first day back with stress eating. Well, technically, I did stress eat a single dill pickle spear while I was on hold, but it’s on the list of allowable snacks, so I think I’m still okay. It’s not like I ate a cheesecake, right?

So, I am 15 minutes away from my third mini-meal of the day. All things considered, it is going pretty well. Then again, it always goes well in the mornings, since I normally am not good about eating breakfasty type things anyway. The challenge will be later tonight when I am jonesing for a snack, but I’ll get through it. I am already thinking of strategies (hello craft projects!) to keep myself occupied during those key t.v. watching hours.

Hope you’re having a phone company free day!

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