Hola, little birdies! After a few months of hiatus due to dogs, work, travel, and moving my office, I am ready to follow the path I had set for myself earlier this year. It has been a mixed few months. I finally am officed at home as I have always wanted, but it came as the result of the rest of my office being let go. While I am happy for me, it also makes me feel vaguely guilty, even though I do a totally different job from what they were doing and was only there because there was space in that office.

The great part for me personally is that I will be done with work earlier in the day AND saving an hour to an hour and a half each day of commute time (more me time, woohoo!) and already have a scheme for how to maximize the extra hours into more writing, creativity and even exercise (all of which are key components to happiness!). The bad part on the health front is that it really makes driving to Tigard for weight loss consulations a little too far (45 minutes each way, not counting the actual appointment!) no matter how much I adore the doctor there.

The good news is that my friend Sherry is a weight loss coach for a very similar program to what I was doing and she is much more conveniently accessible from my home. She is also super inspiring, having lost 60 pounds herself on the same program. So, tomorrow I begin again.

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