Do do do…another pound bites the dust! And now for the handwritten post I never got around to typing Wednesday (aka yesterday):

Yesterday was HARD. Really hard. My walking buddy didn’t show up, so I flaked, Then, all day long I found myself craving things that should not come anywhere near my mouth. If you had walked by me with a burger and fries, I would have knocked you down and taken them. Then I would have run away. I can do that now. I have new running shoes. They are pink and insanely bright, but there is something about them that makes me happy. They are also ultra-light and super comfortable, which makes walking more fun. Right now, someone would have to scrape my carcass of the sidewalk, if I tried, but maybe one day I will even work up to using them for their true purpose – running. For someone who once proclaimed that the only way she’d run up a hill was if there was a Dairy Queen at the top, this  is a huge breakthrough. HUGE. But change is all about opening up to new possibilities, right?

But back to yesterday and why it was difficult. After a week of being pretty comfortable with my new diet, suddenly I was dying for carbs. It was bound to happen sooner or later. But why yesterday? I’ve narrowed it down to stress. Stress creates cortisol, which (among other things) makes us crave certain types of foods. In my case, I think I can trace is all back to a reorg at work. One of my favorite coworkers was let go , not for performance, but just because the program she was working on was cut and there are rumors of a mystery meeting later this week. There’s all sorts of shuffling going around and it’s not the Highgate Shuffle either! That would at least be bluesy and fun.

So work is not the most stable feeling at the moment, but do I want that to ruin my progress?

No way. No how.

I might not be able to control what happens there, but I CAN control how I respond to food triggers. This reminds me of my favorite Dr. Wayne Dyer quote: “I cannot always control what goes on outside, but I can control what goes on inside.” Lucky for me, I have a lot of outside structure and support in place too. I have this blog to keep me focused (thank you for reading!), Tuesday night seminars, regular doctor’s appointments, and great friends and family.

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