Beach Sept 07 110 by Martina
Beach Sept 07 110 a photo by Martina on Flickr.

Yesterday, to celebrate my first five pounds, I decided to allow myself a little reward. While it makes complete sense to NOT make these things food oriented, I decided after thinking about it for most of the day that what I really wanted was an eggroll. Just one lovely, golden eggroll. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t delicious or that I ate it and immediately wished I hadn’t. It was good and I enjoyed it. But…

What I enjoyed the most was that I was able to eat it without losing control. I ate it (in place of my evening shake and protein bar) and then went back to what is becoming my regular diet and that was the end. I have been a good dietary citizen all day today.

Of course, this morning when it was time to step on the scale, I had a moment of regretful panic about my eggroll devouring ways. For a moment I feared I my five pounds would be back and I’d be instantly teleported to the room in hell where they keep the most heinous of gluttons – the eggroll eaters. To make matters worse, Richard Simmons was glaringly unavailable to absolve me of my dietary sins. I suppose that’s probably for the best, because it would probably be startling to have him spontaneously pop out of my shower in that tank top and striped shorts he favors.

As it turned out, even without Richard, it was all okay. My five pounds are still gone and I am still feeling good about the start of this journey. I do think, however, that I need to think about some non-food rewards.

What kinds of things motivate you? Here are ten ideas I came up with for the next time I feel deserving:

1. Buy a DVD and have a pajama day (I’m feeling Burlesque for my next reward!)
2. Books
3. Facial
3. Theater/concert tickets
4. Bubble bath
5. Museum outing
6. New music for my iPod
7. A new hair color
8. New exercise clothes
9. A new camera (that one’s for a bigger milestone)
10. A trip (Hawaii anyone? I’ve never been and have always wanted to)

6 thoughts on “Rewards

    1. oooh good ideas, Susan! I bought a book yesterday, by the way that might interest you. It’s called “Women Food and God” and is rooted in the idea that “The way you eat is inseperable form your core beliefs about being alive. Your relationship wtih food is an exact mirror of your feelings about love, fear, anger, meaning, transformation and, yes, even God.” I’m making it part of my Lent reading. Any other suggestions? I am liking the idea of giving up unhealthy eating and behavior for Lent (and beyond!).

  1. I’ve actually put money in a jar each time I didn’t spend it on nasty food and/or alcohol. The awareness of how much money I was saving was as good as being able to spend it on a treat. For you, I think books are a great idea. Try setting up treats for when you reach certain benchmarks…kind of like the AA coins at 30 days, 60 days. I don’t recommend the rewards for pounds, but rewards for how many days in a row you stuck to the plan! One day at a time…the pounds can fluctuate too much to be a reliable measure.

    1. That is a really great idea to use time instead of pounds. That is much more suited to making a lifestyle change as opposed to a finite goal to lose X number of pounds. Thank you for the suggestion! How is your program going?

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