Here comes the sun

My lab tests came back. There were some issues, thankfully all still reversible through supplements and diet. For ages I have been thinking that it was my job that was creating fatigue, tension headaches, and general malaise. As it turns out, while my job is still stressful, there were some medical things. I am borderline anemic and diabetic and have the lowest vitamin D levels my doctor (who is a big vitamin D freak) has ever seen. She says it is so low that I probably have some form of rickets and was surprised that I am not plagued by any kind of aches.

RICKETS! Who gets rickets? I thought that was the kind of thing only 19th century urchins and characters in Dickens novels succumbed to! Of course, I now have a great excuse any time someone asks me to do something I don’t feel like doing. “What? You want me to unload the dishwasher? Sorry, I’d really love to, but I’m having a rickets flare up.”

All joking aside, the Vitamin D thing is actually a big deal in this part of the country. Most people here are likely D deficient, because we don’t get enough sun. Low levels have links to cardiovascular disease, stroke, obesity, insulin resistance, and a host of other health concerns. One study estimated that half of the adults in Britain (especially the North, which has a similar climate to my own Pacific NW) are Vitamin D deficient. My doctor believes that most people in our area are too.

No one has ever told me any of this before. I don’t think anyone has tested me as thoroughly before. So many doctors just shuffle you in and out without taking the time to really explain things. This one gave me copies of my labs with little notes she’d made about what was good and bad and what we need to do about it, because she believes that “you are the driver of the health care bus.” Maybe I’m just feeling optimistic, because the scale said I’d lost four pounds since starting this, but I think this bus is going good places.

And since it’s too cold to soak up some rays at the beach, here’s a little musical sunshine!

7 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. Denise Marler

    Sounds like you found yourself a heck of a good doctor! On the subject of rickets, we actually have a family in our practice with the disease. It’s definitely OUT there! Keep up the good work. You’re inspiring me to improve my health….I’m taking baby steps….being active everyday. Eating smaller portions. Trying to look at food more as fuel than as happiness and comfort (lol!). Looking forward to following your journey. I know you’ll be successful!

  2. That whole Vitamin D thing is real. My doc loaded me up on it when I was feeling all achy and blue a couple of years ago, and it has made all the difference.
    Congrats on the first 4 pounds. I’m having another go at a particularly unwelcome 20 pounds, so I’m happy to support you in your journey!

  3. I’ve just started hearing about this vitamin D stuff, too! It makes me wonder – I felt better in every possible way when I was walking regularly. I wonder if the vitamin d was as much a part of it as anything?

    I’m so glad you’re keeping this journal! Let’s make a get out in sun plan for sometime soon! (you know where it’s almost always sunny? BEND, OREGON!)

  4. Denise – I LOVE this doctor. The liking food part is tough. I really enjoy cooking and eating and experimenting with different spices and cuisines. I TOTALLY get the happiness and comfort thing. Good for you for trying to improve your health too!

    Susan – I am amazed at the Vitamin D thing. It’s only been a few days, so maybe some of it is in my head, but since starting to take it and one of the blood sugar medications she gave me, I feel more energetic and less depressed. Some is probably just because I’m DOING something. Whatever the cause, I’ll take it! And keep up the work on the 20 lbs. I’ll be cheering you on too!

    Jen – And I am so glad you are reading it! That reminds me, I forgot to send the link to MQ. We defnitely need to add getting out in the sun to our “do more stuff!”. Bend sounds fun! I have a week off coming up…maybe it can be part of birthday week festivities. Know what I just found the other day? The Lonely Goatherd Mix (it still makes me laugh)!

  5. Vit. D…no question, and the diabetes, blood sugar vicious cycle stuff…so glad you have such a good doc. and are looking at the big picture of health. Have you ever read Sugar Blues…it’s shocking the impact of sugar on us. I have a family of diabetics and struggle myself with sugar blues…what has helped me is to recognize the blood sugar drops and reach for protein. It helps.

    What diet are you doing?

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