I would be mad as hell, if I weren’t so lazy

This is Baxter (and his hellhound friend, Ruby). As you can see, Baxter is very upset. Why, you ask? Because his mother made the 30 minute drive all the way to Farville for a three hour long lab appointment only to find that the physician’s assistant who scheduled it forgot to make sure the phlebotomist would actually be there long enough to finish the tests. It was just a mixup, but it is a little annoying, since I specifically scheduled the appointment for a Saturday, so it wouldn’t interfere with work and now either have to go back on a weekday or wait another whole week to start my diet. I’m not as mad as Baxter looks, though. (Actually, neither is he. He was just playing, trying to bite my camera strap as I was taking the picture and I caught him in a Cujo moment.)

The thing about me is that I am a sucker. I briefly tried a token “I wish I would have known or I wouldn’t have wasted a half hour driving from the other side of town”, but that kind of thing never feels right to me. It was just a mistake. Who hasn’t ever made a mistake at work? And it’s not like it was the receptionist’s or the phlebotomist’s fault. I doubt the physician’s assistant did it on purpose either. They apologized all over the place. How could I stay mad at their sad little faces? I won’t lie. It was a disappoinment, since I can’t really get going until after I’ve had blood drawn, but I just don’t have the energy to be disgruntled. Apparently I am too lazy to be truly unpleasant. Oh well, I like myself better this way anyway.

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